The Discovery

I had walked in on them coming home to an empty house after work. So embroiled were they in their discussion that I don't believe they noticed me as I rattled the keys in the lock and stepped inside. But the hallway is long and bare, and my foot on the old wooden floor boards echoed like the giant's voice when he bellowed his anger over his missing harp. I only caught a few words.

I had flicked on the light and walked tensely down the too-long hallway after opening the door. I didn't hear a peep from them and began to think I had been imagining it all when I found them in a circle on the living room floor, pretending to be dumb.

The hall light glistened over their slimy black bodies. The conspiracy of slugs.

He found me shouting at them when he came home a few minutes after me, demanding answers. He simply picked them up in tissues and flushed them down the toilet.