Funny how synchronicity works, the way the brain picks patterns out of chaos. I was channel surfing today, and what should I pop onto on the fine arts channel? The middle of a balletic version of Don Quixote, of course. Somewhere, I think, during the bit where the poor ol' Don was getting his chain yanked by the Duke & Duchess-- hard to tell, since it seemed an especially artsy version. It was kind of helpful after getting cold feet. Because I'm still not sure how my bunch of nebulous ideas will turn into a story.

But I did some productive thinking the other night about the main character and the fictitious series of fantasy novels that will spark her inevitable spiral into make-believe loopiness. I don't want to write too much about them here, because I'll be tempted into going into descriptive prose, and I still have a good 11 days or so before I can start. I have a lot of bad fantasy novels from the ol' high school days to draw from, although I tended to stick to particular groups of obscenely long series written by few authors. Still I hope that qualifies me well enough to create a good spoof.