Novel Attempt: Setting

After due deliberation, I picked one of the most boring Seattle suburbs I've ever been to: Edmonds. No offense to anyone from Edmonds. It's not like it's Everett or something. I just didn't have any fun there, which makes it a great place from which to escape into juicy fantasy stories.

I wanted a seaside setting, because I'm just crazy about the ocean, and Edmonds has a ferry terminal.

And there's stuff on the web about Edmonds that I can use to expand on the whole two or three hours I've spent there. So source material is relatively speaking available even though I'm now one the other side of the world.

Just for reference, here is my exciting Edmonds story:

It was my sophomore year of college in Tacoma and I lived in this house across the street from the uni. There were five other girls in the house, and the range of personalities was just such that when we all got together we could never agree on anything.

One evening on the weekend we spontaneously decided to all go out together. It started out as an energetic and enthusiastic affair and degenerated into squabbling disagreement. Most of us wanted to go to Seattle and do something downtown-- go to a coffee shop or whatever. One protester who was, shall we politely say, a bit too much of a shy violet thought that downtown Seattle in the evening was far too dangerous and we would certainly get mugged and raped (all of us, together, en masse, I suppose?), but that was all right because she had an excellent alternative-- that's right, Edmonds.

None of the rest of us had been to Edmonds before, so we all naively agreed in order to end the argument.

We drove to Edmonds. It must have been about 8 or 9 pm by the time we arrived. It was probably about a forty-five minute drive. When we got there, we could see why Edmonds was safe and there was little chance of six women being held up by a mugger. Because there was no one there. All the shops were closed and there was nothing to do. We walked out to the pier and those of us yearning for some action in Seattle had to make up stories about meeting single fishermen or maybe it was mermen, I don't really remember now, but even our imaginings were quite dull. We got bored and maybe 15 minutes later we piled into our cars again and went back home.

A couple of hours of wasted life I can never recover.