Not Quite of the Earth

Some place just past
that side of the clouds
where the sky
still is light
around the setting sun
or the rising
moon (I no longer
can tell) --If I could go there
I would feel my soul
expand to stretch
my skin to
feel the molecules
separate --
a feeling
beyond human pain --
If I could look across
the water at the setting sun
or the rising
moon (I no longercan see) --

my feet would find
the path away from
thoughts of you
(I shouldn't even
think of you)
across the water
on each glint
and glimmer
that the moon or sun
casts on the waves --
If I could follow
that golden path
to some place
beyond human pain --
some place just
behind the clouds
too bright to let
the stars shine through --
some place I
wish I could belong --
some place not
quite of the earth.