...and then I walked off the plane
and into an alternate universe and
everything was sliding and I flowed
to you as if drawn by osmosis our
liquid souls interchanging and
equalizing influenced by the moon
we became a tidal force we didn't
mind the cliché repeating and
completing the archetype of
everyone before us...


...the wind blew me over the sea
did you feel me flying over? the
curls of vapor and I spun in updrafts
then settled beside you alone
together finally you pulled my
face close I felt your breath on
my skin caressing then as you
inhaled drew me even closer and
not even molecules of air could
separate us...


...stones in the street our feet
passing over; inside stone buildings
and the darkness covers us like
dark fecund earth not a grave
but a womb we are about to become
stones soften become earth
earth coalesces becomes seed
seed bursts forth becomes life
you burst forth into me your earth
mingling with my earth mingling
in both of us...


...your eyes like smoke we
smoldered with friction molecules
colliding growing frantic and then
there was light and heat licking up
to the sky this was how we made
fire without a match and we stretched
our cold lonely hands out to the
warmth savoring it willing to risk
the embers and the burns and
ashes for the bright flickering
comfort between us...


And in us we have atoms of the elements-- water-earth-air-fire-- we are elemental in an ageless exchange and even though we know the story so well it must be tired oh how we laugh and smile and long to tell it again with our own lives.