T minus 75 minutes and counting...

Up until now I have been trying to gear up for this project and not really sure how it was going to coalesce. I had a rough outline, some scraps of bones, but no meat, nothing visceral was compelling me to tell the story. I was walking home from work, thinking about stuff that had really nothing to do with the story idea or a novel of any sort, when suddenly I had one of those click moments.

I was thinking about a person I knew before I moved to Sydney. I don't remember how my train of thought got me there. But she was a person I wasn't fond of, and I almost went into my usual mental rut of why I didn't like her, trying to reconcile my feelings for her and the fact that-- as much as I personally didn't care for her-- she certainly didn't deserve so much vitriol.

Then I had a flash of inspiration about why she annoyed me so, and it was in that flash that I realized I could use my emotion for something productive instead of just focusing on the emotion itself and struggling with it. You see, she struck me as a person without any real imagination whatsoever, and I found that so disappointing I couldn't spend any comfortable time around her.

But instead of dwelling on her, I was thinking about my main character, and what kind of force she needed to push her into a fantasy world. Just such a boring, mundane, unimaginative person would make a perfect foil to my heroine.

Suddenly I had a drive, a starting point, a spark. I've got a little bit of time to go until midnight. I hope I can stay awake and get started right away, the very minute that November starts.