Commuter Jettison

Brain-limbering freewrites traveling to and from work.

  • A Pale Blanket

    Leaving early one day I caught the sunset in progress. By the time the train was almost over the harbour, the sky was this amazing buttery yellow, and I wish I could just fly right into the colour.

  • Way Down in the Marrow

    Music is a good way to combat the winter blahs. I hear certain songs and they shake me out of my fugue, even on a Monday morning.

  • Fishing

    Sometimes I feel like I'm looking to hard for something poetic and coming up empty-handed. Passing by the harbour twice every day brings fishing to mind. These exercises are an attempt to let go of that effort and just write insignificant things for the sake of writing.

  • The Sun Slipped Away

    Usually I leave work after dark, since it gets dark so early this time of year. The long hours of darkness tend to make me pretty weary, and I project that feeling on things around me.

  • Bright and Empty

    Earlier this month I began using the time during my morning commute to scribble down poetry into my PDA. It is very rough and more a writing exercise, but I hope it becomes fodder for something more.