Blogsticker Factory v1.1


  1. Fill in the form to specify your sticker
  2. Click the "Make" button
  3. Right-click (Win) or click-hold (Mac) and select "Save Image As..."
  4. Save the image to an appropriate location on your local drive as a PNG

The Blogsticker Factory Disclaims:

Blogstickers and The Blogsticker Factory are forces for good, not evil. Use it for anything nasty and we'll come round carrying violin cases - and we don't play the violin if you know what I mean. Seriously, no unpleasantness please.

What's new:

I've restricted the page "" to only be accessable by my own server. It came to my attention through examining server logs that people were just linking directly to that page to serve up some of their stickers. There's nothing terribly morally wrong with that, but I'm afraid that I can't afford to spare server cycles and be an image host for everyone who wants to use the Factory. Please save all your blogstickers to your own server. I don't want to be a Nazi about it or anything, but there's too much free server space available out there for me to be serving up everyone's stickers, especially since they are being dynamically generated from the page. If you have questions about this, feel free to email me. Thanks!

What's upcoming:

A list of the last 5 Blogstickers made in the factory.

1) Enter some text:

2) Pick a font:

3) Pick a text color:

4) Pick a background:

5) Enter a maximum width (optional - integer only!):

6) Pick a corner style:

Result: Right-click (Win) or click-hold (Mac) on me to save me to your hard drive!

Hey, Andrea, I really liked using the Blogsticker Factory. Thanks! Here's a buck to go toward this month's DSL fees.

If you want your blogsticker featured on, save this image and send it as an attachment to Keep in mind that if you buy lots of swag from the Blogstickers Store, you may gain is now fully defunct. Feel free to keep posting your blogstickers on your blogs though!

The Blogsticker Factory is written in Python 1.5 using the Python Imaging Library. If you want to view the source and tinker with it, you can get it here. Yes, it is rather inelegant, but it was only written in a couple of hours.

This junk was written by Andrea R. James. You can email me at to complain, but also especially to praise my skills at wasting time. :)

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