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22 Sep 2005

A few days after Flat Stanely arrived, I wasn't sure where to take him, since there are a lot of interesting things all around Sydney. I decided I would take him with me to work, since there is a wonderful view of the city from my office building, and I could show him how I get around.

It was a wonderful spring morning, and here is a picture of Flat Stanley in the front room of my house just before we are to set out.

A photo of Flat
Stanley in the front room of my house.

Now, wait a minute. You might be thinking something isn't right in that last paragraph. The date on this weblog entry is for September. Shouldn't it be fall?

Well, Sydney is in the southern hemisphere, which means the seasons are the opposite from North America. So when it's cold and wintery in the USA, down in Australia we are enjoying a nice hot summer.

So Flat Stanley and I packed our lunch and set out into the nice sunny spring morning. We walked up the road to the Newtown train station. Since I don't have a car, I have to ride the train to get to most places. Luckily for me, Sydney's rail network is one of the most extensive in the world and will get me just about anywhere I want to go.

Here is a picture of Flat Stanely at Central Station, the busiest train station in Sydney.

Flat Stanley at Central Station in Sydney.

From Central, which is in the middle of downtown Sydney, we ride the train over Sydney Harbour to my office in St Leonards. Here is a picture of all the people leaving the train and going through the gates of the train station.

A photo of St Leonards train station.

When you get to my office building, the first thing you will probably see is our receptionist, Lisa. She is from New Zealand, and the nickname we have for New Zealanders is "kiwi", just like a kiwi bird or a kiwi fruit.

A picture of the receptionist at my office.

Since my office is far away from the city and in a very tall building, you can see the entire city skyline and the harbour when you look out the window. The big arched thing to the left of the skyscrapers is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which we rode over on the train. The nickname for the bridge is "the coat hanger".

A view of the city skyline from my office.

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A comment from Ty says:

Hi Flat Stanely,
Looks like you are having a good time.
From Ty

A comment from Mom says:

I like your adventure. I am printing it out so I can show people some of Sydney and I have pictures of where you work.

A comment from chioma says:

do you really like flat stanley