Flat Stanley's Adventures in Sydney

On the Weekend

23 Sep 2005

When I'm not at work, I'm usually hanging around my neighbourhood, a suburb of Sydney called Enmore, or Newtown, which is very close to my suburb. Sydneysiders like good food, and there are a lot of restaurants and cafés near where I live. I took Flat Stanley to my favourite café, called Vargabar, and we had some coffee.

Flat Stanley and Andrea sharing a capuccino at Vargabar.

After we had our coffees, Adam and I went to enjoy the nice weather at the park. We don't really have much of a back yard at our house, so we spend a lot of time at the park when we want to stretch our legs and enjoy fresh air. In this picture, Flat Stanley is sitting with Adam, who is making a hat.

A photo of Flat Stanley and Adam making a hat in the park.

Here is a view of the open grassy area of the park. A lot of people come here to walk their dogs, play frisbee or soccer, and sit in the sun. The tower sticking up behind the park is part of the Anglican Church that is next to the park.

A photo of the park.

The other side of the park has a lot of trees, and most of them are eucalypts, which we also call "gum trees". There are lots of different types of eucalypts, and some of them have been grown in other countries, but they all originally come from Australia.

A photo of the tree side of the park.

Comments on this Entry

A comment from Bryce says:

Hi Flat,
Will you knit me a hat too?
Bryce Clark

A comment from Flat Stanley says:

Hi Bryce,

I'm not very good at knitting, but if you tell Andrea or Adam how big around your head is, they will make you a hat!

A comment from Peter says:

Hi Stanley,
You do get around. Do you remember we saw you in England on 22nd October and you went back to Queensland on the 29th. You've changed a bit, hope you are keeping well. Here is my account of England. http://www.petes2020.co.uk/flatstanley.html

A comment from Flat Stanley says:

Hi Peter,

Glad to see you found me here and more of my travels with everyone.