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When I was six years old, I had a little stuffed monkey. When someone asked me what her name was, I said, "Japanese New-Girl Monkey." Why I said that, I can't possibly fathom anymore. Such things are lost with adulthood.

Japanese New-Girl Monkey encompasses all you see here, along with my alter-ego, The Geek Icon. You can find out more about me personally there.

This site and domain were originally developed in the summer of 2000 when I bought and set up my very own web server. When I was thinking of domain names, I knew one of them had to reflect the whimsical name I dreamt up as a little girl. Japanese New-Girl Monkey is both wise and silly, not unlike the best of messages found inside fortune cookies.

Be sure to eat all your bananas with chopsticks.

Note: this page is subject to change when I've had time to think of a proper "about" spiel.

23 Oct 2003