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Featured Mini-Site: All Things White and Circular

One of the problems of compartmentalising my personality is that my site loses an organic quality. It might be harder to come across different things serendipitously. Instead of being featured in and amongst daily life gabs, my poetry and writing are cordoned off in their own section.

I'm just writing a little blurb here about All Things White and Circular, which is my writing journal. It's a formal attempt at documenting many aspects of my writing process, in addition to publishing fully-formed poems and stories. I've noticed that it doesn't really get the occasional comment the way The Daily Geek does. This might be telling me something about my writing journal, but, on the other hand, I want to give it a chance to have some attention and draw it into the forefront just as I am trying to rekindle my creative writing attempts in my personal life.

So if you're reading this, give it a look, see if you find anything interesting to say about anything I've written, and leave a comment for me so I know it's not a wasted effort!

The Management

05 Feb 2004