Japanese New-Girl Monkey Network Updates for all blogs on the JNGM Network: The Daily Geek, Nerd Dice, All Things White and Circular, etc. 2015-05-01T13:22:06Z Andrea R James roceal@jngm.net Helloooooo, Internet http://www.jngm.net/runcible_spoon/article/795 2015-05-01T13:22:06-11:00 2015-05-01T03:22:06Z Here is me, rebooting my blog after a long absence for about the umpty-billionth time. A Long Overdue Update http://www.jngm.net/property/article/794 2014-06-29T14:55:40-11:00 2014-06-29T04:55:40Z Phase 2 of the renovation finally begins! A Cubba for a Bubba http://www.jngm.net/runcible_spoon/article/793 2013-06-01T22:07:02-11:00 2013-06-01T12:07:02Z First attempt at parental crafting. A Taste of Weaving http://www.jngm.net/runcible_spoon/article/792 2013-01-08T19:33:02-11:00 2013-01-08T08:33:02Z Trying out yet another new craft. Lucky 2013 http://www.geekicon.net/article/791 2013-01-05T23:01:02-11:00 2013-01-05T12:01:02Z New year, deep breath, another "blog reboot"? And Now For Something Slightly Different http://www.jngm.net/runcible_spoon/article/790 2012-08-18T22:41:40-11:00 2012-08-18T12:41:40Z Complimentary handcrafts Tour de Fleece http://www.jngm.net/runcible_spoon/article/789 2012-07-22T20:45:40-11:00 2012-07-22T10:45:40Z Racing along with my spinning. Sort of. Relativistically. Small Things http://www.geekicon.net/article/788 2012-06-26T18:37:47-11:00 2012-06-26T08:37:47Z Let's continue the discussion of things done right. I ATE'NT DEAD http://www.jngm.net/runcible_spoon/article/787 2012-06-23T22:15:22-11:00 2012-06-23T12:15:22Z There have been crafts. I just haven't finished taking the photos yet. Hoist the Mainsail - Part 3 of 3 http://www.geekicon.net/article/786 2012-06-22T22:33:48-11:00 2012-06-22T12:33:48Z Continued — FINALLY — from part 2.