Well, hello again. It's been a while since we updated this blog. Unfortunately last year ended up being a bit overwhelming, especially with a hard deadline to finish making our house livable and move in. We ended up packing at the last minute on Anzac Day, still stuffing things into boxes as the movers started putting stuff into the truck! And then trying to get some sleep, exhausted, while people across the road in the pub were living up the holiday. But we survived (barely) and took the rest of the year to just to catch our breaths.

We got the floors in and polished, and a bunch of little things finished off with a great deal of help from Andrea's dad (isn't it wonderful to have handy relatives who are retired and can spend a month helping out with DIY fixit tasks?). Not only did he help with polishing the floors, but he leveled the back patio and relaid the pavers, fixed up the shade cover over the back porch, regrouted the bathroom, patched up our front door, painted, and helped supervise and assist our tradesmen when we couldn't be there. Thanks, Steve!

So now, for catch up photos. Here's what our living room looks like today, in a very anomalous tidy state.

All moved in 2 of 2

There's still plenty to do, like get proper mantels around the fireplaces, get actual lamp shades instead of naked bulbs, curtains on the windows, some built in shelving, never mind the hideous state of our furniture. But we have to keep reminding ourselves of how far we've come. Compare the photo above with a similar view of the house when we first bought it.

House "Before" Shot