Things have finally been cooking with our plans for our finished home! Our story begins back in January of 2013, when we finally decided to kick things off with an architect to put in a development application (DA) with our council to further modify & extend the house to make room for a full family. You see, we had decided to expand the occupancy at Probert Street around that time. Little did we know we were in for a bit of an unexpected development!

Little did we know, we'd be doubly successful at starting a family, we soon found out twins were on the way & knew that things were about to get really hectic! With only one room usable as a bedroom in our house, we were keen to get things moving to add extra bedrooms. However, there was a whole lot of planning and red tape to get through, first!

We went through a pretty abbreviated selection process to find an architect. A friend of ours had been to a "Speed Date a Sustainability Expert" session and recommended that to us. We weren't able to make it to one, but we checked out the website and really liked the look of Anderson Architecture. We tried shopping around for a few others for due diligence purposes, but Anderson really had the right style that we liked, so in the end we signed on with them and gave them our overly detailed brief!

Original DA Elevations
Twins weren't the only challenge to land in our way. The next hurdle was getting our DA approved for extending our one story semi-detached house to two stories and match the roof height of our two neighbours. We thought this would be fairly straightforward; however, what we didn't count on were recent changes to the development controls in our neighbourhood. We had recently been placed in a Heritage Conservation Area in December 2011. Unfortunately one of the controls added under this umbrella was that the roofline of our house couldn't be altered. Our original plans violated the new rules, and the council threatened to reject our application.

With the help of a heritage architect and some clever rework by Anderson Architecture, we were able to tweak our plans by lowering the ceiling height downstairs and still accomplish everything we wanted to. By early July, we had our approval. But before the end of July, two little people made an unexpected early arrival!


To be continued: construction plans, interior design, demolition, and twin babies!