A Lady and A Gentleman of Property In December 2008, we bought an 1890's brick cottage in Sydney's inner west. This weblog is the story of our attempts to make it our home. http://www.jngm.net/property/ en A Long Overdue Update Phase 2 of the renovation finally begins! http://www.jngm.net/property/article/794 Good Morning, Property Lovers! After a year's hiatus, we attempt to resurrect the blog and the reno projects. http://www.jngm.net/property/article/781 Quick Update Oops, what happened to March? http://www.jngm.net/property/article/776 Intermission Pardon us while we catch our breaths http://www.jngm.net/property/article/773 Tradie Wrangling on V-Day How we learned to stop worrying and love our tradespeople. http://www.jngm.net/property/article/772 Feeling the Burn A very long, hot, and tiring Sunday afternoon, and some help for fellow Australians. http://www.jngm.net/property/article/771 The Big Dry A relatively idle week while we let our damp house dry out. http://www.jngm.net/property/article/770 Update for the Week What we've accomplished since last Sunday. http://www.jngm.net/property/article/769