2015-05-01: Helloooooo, Internet

Here is me, rebooting my blog after a long absence for about the umpty-billionth time.


2013-06-01: A Cubba for a Bubba

First attempt at parental crafting.

2013-01-08: A Taste of Weaving

Trying out yet another new craft.


2012-08-18: And Now For Something Slightly Different

Complimentary handcrafts

2012-07-22: Tour de Fleece

Racing along with my spinning. Sort of. Relativistically.

2012-06-23: I ATE'NT DEAD

There have been crafts. I just haven't finished taking the photos yet.


2010-10-16: Handmade Wardrobe: Introduction

In which I attempt to do battle with my sewing demons.

2010-06-20: A Little of Column A, a Little of Column B

Both handcrafts and food, in the very same blog post.

2010-03-20: Fierce Competition

In which I take it up a notch

2010-03-18: Pico de Gallo

The other kind of southern cooking I like.

2010-03-14: Breaking Bread

In which I attempt to overcome my mental hurdle with making my own bread.

2010-03-11: Biscuits and Tomato Gravy

On comfort food and starting over again.


2009-02-24: We Rogues of Wool

A knitting Sea Shanty

2009-02-22: Facelift

Reviving my neglected blog.


2008-05-12: Mother's Day Scarf

Happy Mother's Day to my great mother

2008-03-23: Nitto seetaa bukku

Entering the bewildering world of Japanese knitting books.

2008-03-16: Paying it Forward

After having had such fun with the Ravelry Tea Cosy Swap, I attempt another exchange project.

2008-03-16: Babies Galore

I only do baby clothes lately, it seems.

2008-03-02: Grow Your Clothes

Sprouting cotton, natural dyeing photos, and progress on the urgently needed Baby Pea Pod.

2008-02-28: Igor, Fetch Me the Bark

I get a chance to play around with hand dyeing some more.

2008-02-05: Certifiable

Back at the pub, then at the opera, then going crazy with spinning

2008-01-27: Knitwear at Sea

Sailors and handknits have had a long, happy history together.


2007-12-30: Holiday Catch-up

Cool holiday gifts, project progress.

2007-11-06: Dear Santa

Just in case any elves or relatives or whatever are reading...

2007-11-06: Eucalyptus Handspun!

Back to some spinning, the first skein of naturally dyed yarn comes into being.

2007-11-04: Blue Mountains Natural Dyeing Day!

I foray further into the world of dyeing and have a fun day experimenting in the kitchen for a podcast

2007-11-04: Knitting Update

What I am doing with yarn

2007-10-29: Project Idea

A bit of inspiration for something to do... when I finish all those other things I'm already committed to.

2007-10-28: Hot Swap

Info for my Tea Cosy Swap Partner

2007-10-24: A Dearth of Blogging

Overwhelmed by all the things I've been meaning to post about but haven't had a scant second in which to do so.

2007-10-24: Gone but not forgotten: Alpaca Day

Back in September I went to an alpaca farm. Here's my much-delayed blog post on that.

2007-09-18: They Fit!

The June TOFUtsies sock club socks have a happy new owner.

2007-09-07: Pretty in Pink

And I don't even particularly like pink!

2007-09-03: Hot Swatch Action

One project finishes, and another begins. It's the circle of knitting.

2007-08-27: Keeping Busy

Finding time for spinning and knitting, running out of time for blogging about it.

2007-08-24: Flash Fiction: The Factory

A bit of fun with creative writing.

2007-07-06: Loot!

In which I splurge

2007-06-25: Restored

If only my brain and my heart were so easy to fix up. A project to keep the winter blues at bay.

2007-06-09: Bragging Rights

Grasshopper, when you can knit a sock without a pattern, then you will be ready to leave.

2007-06-04: Joining the Ravelers

Taking a look at the new online community Ravelry.

2007-06-04: 7 Random Things

Argh! I've been tagged!

2007-05-13: Something Abstract

Thinking about spinning and thinking

2007-04-27: Interlude

Neither spinning nor knitting

2007-04-11: A Productive Long Weekend

Sometimes you just need to hang out inside all day, wearing jammies and knitting

2007-04-03: Fun with Finished Yarn

Do you think I got a bit carried away?

2007-03-30: Cold Pad Dyeing Results

A new dyeing technique and the yarn I made with it.

2007-03-26: Autumn is Spinning Season

Post-move spinning recovery


2006-12-05: Miscellany

Still spinning and knitting away quietly in the background; a nice early Christmas present, and Courthouse Stitch & Bitch.

2006-12-05: The Magical Growing Socks

I can't believe these babies are almost finished.

2006-10-19: First Wheelspun

Some pictures and a quick description of my first two wheelspun yarns.

2006-10-19: Socktoberfest - Sock Progress

Still spinning. And spinning. And spinning...

2006-10-19: Alpaca Adventure

My spinning class excursion from this weekend.

2006-10-10: The Wee Peggy

In which the author wanders into the world of spinning with spinning wheels.

2006-10-10: Socktoberfest

I'm a joiner. What can I say? I like socks.

2006-09-18: Vegetable Love

Treats from the plant world to try and spin.

2006-09-11: Finis

My first handspun finished project. Made by completely from start to finish (except for the growing wool and silk cocoons part).

2006-07-29: They Danced by the Light of the Moon

What is Runcible Spoon?

2006-07-29: Born to Spin

In which the author embarks upon learning a new craft, and one which she seems to irrevocably enjoy.