2006-09-11: Finis

My first handspun finished project. Made by completely from start to finish (except for the growing wool and silk cocoons part).

My second spinning lesson. I told Caroline, my teacher, "I'd like to try silk."

"I'll shout1 you some silk," she said, with the enthusiasm of a junky offering a first free hit. The silk was beautiful to the touch and I wanted to roll my whole body in it.

She then assigned me some homework. I was to try blending the silk with wool. The month earlier someone had brought some beautiful prize-winning Corriedale from the Royal Easter Show to share with the class. The two seemed the best fit with the limited supplies I had.

Armed only with my flicker, a pet brush, and my "ghetto diz"— made from the plastic lid of an addictive variety of potato chips in a tube— I sorta kinda somehow managed to blend silk and wool and make my own raggedy rovings. These I dyed in a mad, delirious series of colours, mixing red, blue, and yellow food colouring, and using white vinegar to fix the colours to the fibres.

I spun up just enough yarn for one and a half handwarmers.

After the first one I started the process all over again, more blending, more roving, more dyeing (in colours that didn't at all match the first batch, that whole dye lot thing coming home in a big way), more spinning, of course.

I just finished the other handwarmer last week. Never one for procedure, I didn't even bother to wash and block them. They keep my poor over-air-conditioned fingers quite warm at work when I'm typing away at code. They still smell faintly of lanolin.

1. Aussie slang for "my treat"