2006-10-10: Socktoberfest

I'm a joiner. What can I say? I like socks.

Socktoberfest 2006 Button

There are gazillions of craft-related web events, where people with blogs or Flickr accounts join in and post their progress on projects where they follow a similar pattern or theme. This will be my first.

I promised my mom a pair of handspun socks back in May after I took my first spinning class. I spun up two big (well, I thought they were big) skeins of wool on my first drop spindle. I dyed them in class and learned how to microwave dye. I got measurements of my mom's feet and started to knit.

It quickly became apparent that I did not have nearly enough wool.

Carpentry has an expression: measure twice, cut once.

I now have a parallel one for spinning: check your weights twice, spin once. (My own coinage— can you tell?)

I am now in the process of preparing and spinning the other half of the sock yarn I need for those socks. Boys and girls, when you are weighing your fibre for spinning socks, make sure that the amount is for both of the socks and not just one.

So this month I will raise a stein full of socks and make a toast to fuzzy feet warmers. And if I'm feeling really ambitious I might just make more than one pair.