2006-12-05: Miscellany

Still spinning and knitting away quietly in the background; a nice early Christmas present, and Courthouse Stitch & Bitch.

My dad came to visit in early November for his birthday, so I didn't end up with much time on the computer, but I did manage to make time for fibre stuff. Here's a whole pile of spinning catch-up:

Christmas Early!

My dear old dad quickly discovered the severity and depth of my new obsession. Rather than fight it, he quickly asked, So what spinning thing do you want for Christmas?

Majacraft mini-combs at work

This lovely set of minicombs was the answer. You clamp one down onto the table with a vise and lay your fibre over the tines of the comb. The other comb teases the ends apart and pulls out short or knotted fibres. You then pull the tips of the fibres through a hole in the metal disc, called a diz, and pull a long, even strand through which can be spun very easily. That green puffball is a rolled up sliver of mohair that I practiced with.

It's a Christmas Theme!

In honour of Christmas I was inspired to do this mohair + angora designer yarn. Yes, it's tacky. I had an immense amount of fun making it. Half of it was made using my combs even! W00t!

Red mohair on the bobbin Angora goat meets angora bunny Mohair angora close-up

Angora goat meets angora bunny. I think I will make a Christmas themed hat trim out of it.

The Cotton is High

November's spinning class focused on all different kinds of cotton. Many people didn't like it since cotton fibres are short and fiddly. I enjoyed it despite the fiddliness and fortunately have a lot of cotton left both from my class samples and my Ecoyarn order. Here are a few knitted up swatches from class.

Different flavours of handspun cotton

Clockwise from the top left: wild coloured cotton blended with ginned cotton; ginned cotton; cotton top; shredded blue jeans blended with wool.

Luxury Fibres

I finally got around to spinning up some particularly nice luxury wools & alpaca. Here are my cute little mini-skeins.

Alpaca and Merino blends

Left: 1 part alpaca, 3 parts merino wool. Right: 1 part merino, 1 part alpaca.

Finely spun alpaca

I tried to get this alpaca fibre as thin as I could.

Polwarth deliciousness

Left: Polwarth worsted. Right: Polwarth woolen.

Stitching and Bitching

I discovered the Courthouse Stitch & Bitch ages ago, but finally got around to going just a few weeks ago. The nicest part about that was Mr Wiggins decided to come with me! While I forged ahead on the Mom Socks, he began a sleek little number in black merino: The Mr Wiggins signature garter stitch scarf. I can't believe how long it is already! The other cool thing was getting to meet all the interesting people there, including unco-ordinator Lara, and David of Sticks & String, now an Australian celebrity, who interviewed Mr Wiggins for his podcast! Check it out: the interview is in show #6.

Lovely to find your blog :)

Lara rhubarbandcustard@mac.com 09 Dec 2006

Thanks! I haven't taken the time to clear out the spamments until now. Hope you are having a nice time on holiday. It's miserable & rainy here.

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