2007-03-26: Autumn is Spinning Season

Post-move spinning recovery

I moved in January. It was one of the most insane moves I've ever done, and that's counting the time I stayed up all night throwing my stuff into boxes and bags to get out of my dorm room in time after my freshman year of college.

But this isn't a moving blog. So I'll tell you what happened after that.

What happened after that was that my spinning wheel stayed in a corner of the new study for quite a while, collecting dust. One bobbin was guiltily laden with some alpaca I was trying to finish up for a present for my dad. I had one short burst of an evening's spinning, playing with some cotton blended with sari silk scraps from one of last year's classes. A little bit of alpaca progress went along with that. Other than that, most of my life revolved around re-settling in to everything.

Then I decided I needed a spinning day. That's my Wee Peggy in the first picture behind Mr Wiggins' bum. I am hiding in the back combing up black and white alpaca together for my Dad Alpaca Hat.

That opened the floodgates. I spent a Saturday afternoon spinning at home while Adam worked on other things. And then I received an invitation from my spinning teacher to come up to her house in Toowoon Bay. Due to other commitments, I missed most of the other people who had been invited & got there quite late in the afternoon. But, lucky me, I got an invite to stay the night instead, and some valued one-on-one time with a mentor & all-around interesting person, as well as getting to hang out with some of her family.

The learning experience itself was valuable. I got to try some cold pad dyeing, which I think I'll do much more of, given how much simpler it is than microwave dyeing. I got to spin some cormo fleece, which was beautful, and some Finn, which was much rouger but just as interesting to spin.

While I was busy with fibry pursuits, Mr Wiggins got to stroll around some of the nicest beaches in NSW with Caroline's husband, Jim. It was lucky he walked when he did, as that evening a huge storm rolled in and lightning flashed, thunder crashed, wind howled and rain drummed as we ate our dinner. The next day was cold and rainy and truly felt like autumn, which was unfortunate for us as we had brought our hot weather clothes to survive the mid-summer temperatures of the previous day. In borrowed jumpers we got the driving tour of The Entrance (the only dry option) from Jim and had a relaxed morning before heading back to the train station to go home.

In other spinning news, the Mom Socks were well-received and I have a final picture of the finished socks to post. The Christmas theme mohair & angora yarn turned into a hat for my friend Jennifer, who, appreciated it greatly during the Buffalo winter. The Dad Alpaca Hat is getting close to finishing up the spinning phase of the project-- although I will be more careful this time & try to verify I have enough spun yarn before casting on this time. I still love my combs but I'm kind of yearning for some hand carders now for shorter fibres. And now that I have a proper laundry sink, I need to wash a bunch of fleece and I really want to try my hand at more dyeing. I received a couple of great new spinning books and a ballwinder for birthday presents, which I need to review and brag about, respectively. (Thanks Mommy & thanks Daddy! It's nice to know still spoil me even though I'm nearly 30.)

And of course I need to take pictures of it all. At least everything is now unpacked.


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Lara rhubarbandcustard@mac.com 28 Mar 2007

Yeah, I'm workin' on it... The light's been less than ideal. I will bring stuff on Sunday so people can grope it if they want.

ARJ roceal@jngm.net 30 Mar 2007