2007-03-30: Cold Pad Dyeing Results

A new dyeing technique and the yarn I made with it.

I mentioned in my last post that I had done some cold pad dyeing at my spinning teacher's house, and there was a small but vocal demand for pictures (and who am I to deny Lara?), so here are some of the dyeing results. These pictures absolutely do not do the colours justice as I haven't had a chance to get the yarn into some proper light. Just have a look and pretend that the blue is much deeper, like an electric royal blue, and a bit more purpley, as the photos don't seem to pick up the reds/magentas well.

Cold pad dyed

This was taken in my bathroom which was the brightest place in the house at the time. Just squint your eyes and image it's about 20% lighter & brighter than that.

Cold pad dyed
slivers close-up

This close-up shot is actually a bit better in terms of the colours.

Handspun yarn
from the dyed slivers

Here it is, spun up thick and thin. This photo was tweaked by me in Photoshop to try and match the actual colours better, which is why there's the purple highlight on the reflection of the table. I made this yarn specifically for Elaine to inspire her to work on her freeform crochet project.

It just needs to be washed & blocked and packed up on its way to New York.

Awsome! Gorgeous colours. Did you do a standard ply?

Lara rhubarbandcustard@mac.com 30 Mar 2007

It's a 2 ply, plied to itself from a centre-pull ball.

ARJ roceal@jngm.net 31 Mar 2007