2007-04-03: Fun with Finished Yarn

Do you think I got a bit carried away?

A photo of
the finished yarn, complete with custom-made label!

I dyed the wool.

I spun the yarn.

I wound the ball.

I printed the label.

Even with a font I made myself!

The only thing I didn't do was grow the wool!

It's now on its way overseas.


Lara rhubarbandcustard@mac.com 03 Apr 2007

That's impressive. So, when are you going to get the sheep?

Shelley shelleyp@burningbird.net 04 Apr 2007

Lara- Thanks!

Shelley- After Mr Wiggins gets his first paycheck. We shall keep it on the balcony of our apartment. ;-)

Actually, I think we are both mildly seduced by having alpacas, although they would be too big for the balcony.

ARJ roceal@jngm.net 04 Apr 2007

The Passionflower Yarn made it over the seas without a hitch. I love it and it's inspiring me on a design for my new free-form knitting project. Thanks so much, Andrea. Keep spinning.

Elaine of Kalilily elaine@kalilily.net 15 Apr 2007