2007-06-04: Joining the Ravelers

Taking a look at the new online community Ravelry.

So as soon as I heard about Ravelry on Cast-On I decided to sign up as a beta tester. Geekery and handcrafts— two great tastes that taste great together. And so far, I've been better at updating my Ravelry project notebook than I have my weblog (not hard, since I am a blogging slacker lately).

I have more to put up, especially for projects that I haven't taken pictures of, for whatever reason.

It's a nice, well designed little web app, and if I had any complaints, they would be about incomplete features (yes, it's still in beta, but beta testing should be to make sure that all completed features work correctly— but that's just more of a developer's semantic quibble, not that big a deal) and I really would like to see more functionality for handspinners. (We get to list our needles but not our wheels and spindles? I know there aren't that many spinners, but we seem to be a growing and vocal minority, hey!)

I like the integration with Flickr, but since I didn't really use Flickr I was forced to duplicate my photos there from BubbleShare, which I can tell is only going to become a greater inconvenience. It would be nice if they had just a field where you could enter a URL pointing to a non-Flickr web-hosted image.

So far I haven't had enough time to really get into the social aspects of the site, although I do have David on my friends list, as well as Harlem Purls, who is a regular on the Pixie Purls spinning forum.

Ultimately, though, I plan to keep using the site for organising my projects and I hope to see an API soon so I can integrate my Ravelry projects on my blog as well as integrating my blog posts into my Ravelry notebook. And I look forward to seeing further fleshing out of all the nice existing features!