2007-06-09: Bragging Rights

Grasshopper, when you can knit a sock without a pattern, then you will be ready to leave.

Allow me a moment of your time to indulge in some braggery. I have mastered the hand knitted sock. For the first time, I completed a pair of socks without once looking at a sock pattern.

Cozy feet

It all started with the second pair of socks I wanted to knit. The first pair I had managed well enough by following a rather generic free online pattern. They were knit in some plain, uninteresting acrylic yarn and I used them for shuffling around the house to keep my feet warm. They fairly quickly developed massive holes in the heels and I decided to finally send them to the Big Sock Drawer in the Sky.

I had picked up some Jo Sharp DK wool from the yarn store, unsure about what I wanted to do with it, when I decided to turn it into caramel & rasberry stripey socks to replace my other shuffle around socks. I completed one sock and promptly got bored with it & busy with other things.

By the time I got to the second sock, I had totally forgotten important details of the sock's construction, and, though it was completed in a feverish bout of enthusiasm, it came out completely wrong. With the toe sideways.

I took the delinquent socks with me to the Courthouse a few weeks ago and caused much horrified & shocked gasping when I completely unravelled both socks all the way back to the beginning.

I was gonna do right by these socks.

However, since I had cut the yarn in quite a few places, I only had a lot of short pieces to work with, so I couldn't restore the socks to their former leggy glory. Never mind, these were mostly to keep my circulation-starved toes from getting frostbite in the mild Sydney winter, so I just made ankle socks.

I'm quite pleased with how they came out.

Sock side view

This project is in my Ravelry notebook as Simple Striped Ankle Socks.

Notes on sock construction:

These socks were knit from the cuff down. I started out with four rows of moss stitch in the caramel colour, then began the striping using one stripe of raspberry and two of caramel. In order to remove jagged joins on the stripes I referred to the travelling jogless stripe technique described at the TECHKnitting blog. The heels were short row heels & I was able to do them without a hitch thanks to some tips from Lara. For the instep & toe they were pretty ordinary socks from there, but (warning, one more brag) I didn't even need to look up how to graft the toes! Woohoo!

Ph33r my m4d 1337 kn1tz0r sk1llz!