2007-07-06: Loot!

In which I splurge

Ordinarily I'm not big into craft fair type things. I usually prefer to sit misanthropically at home, avoiding crowds, bustle, and eye contact with vendors by ordering things online or over the phone. However, I did decide to check out the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair last weekend and found a few things with which to spoil myself.

Spinning & Yarn Loot

Namely, some wool tops from Bendigo Woolen Mills and a big ball of black alpaca; two packets of soy silk from Ecoyarns. (When asked by the kind woman who took my money what I would be doing with the soy silk, I replied, Spinning it! Of course!. Good girl! she answered back. It's nice to bump into kindred spirits). And my favourites, some nicely hand dyed merino and silk.

I also took the time to check out some of the exhibitions at the fair, which was a gratifying experience. My guild had some very nice handspun and other types of handmade items on display (including some cool stuff made by my spinning teacher and a few class mates), and I always enjoy seeing others' work. I didn't look in-depth at the quilts (I'm just not that big a quilt person), but some of what I did see very much impressed me in its intricacy and construction. I also enjoyed looking through the exhibition on historic textiles and clothing. I wish I had brought my camera for that! I've always liked "old-fashioned" styles of clothing better than many modern styles.

It was a nice break from my routine and certainly worth the $16 entry.

I have to admit, the weavers guild was pretty fricken awesome!

Bex p_o_flesh@yahoo.com.au 09 Jul 2007