2007-08-27: Keeping Busy

Finding time for spinning and knitting, running out of time for blogging about it.

Here is a catalogue of things I've been working on lately.

With the new wheel, I've given it a couple of good workouts. The first lot was a bunch of bamboo left over from my original Ecoyarns order. I turned this:

Bamboo Fibre

Into this:

Little treasure bag

Which I have given back to the spinning wheel donor as a thank-you present. It's a little bag of my own design with an I-cord drawstring.

The second spinning project used some of my loot from the Sydney Craft & Quilt fair. The hand-dyed merino top ended up as this:

Merino Handspun

This will also be knitted up into a gift for someone, but I won't spill any details yet just to avoid any chance of ruining the surprise.

In the non-handspun category, I've got this little dog jumper I made for a co-worker. It came out a little baggier than I wanted it to, but apparently is greatly enjoyed & much appreciated by a small dog not really built for Sydney winters.

Houndstooth doggie jumper Bonnie in her new jumper

I'm rather proud of the design otherwise, since it was so small I could affort to put some nice finishing touches on it, like a bias strip at the bottom for a drawstring and an I-cord edging at the neckline.

I also joined the Tofutsies Sock Club in June and am in the home stretch of the June pair (I'd better get cracking, August is almost over!). About 20 more rows on the instep & I can finish off the toe.

Wildkat Sock #2

I'm soooo jealous of your talent and the time you have to put it to such beautiful use. I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with the passionflower yarn.

Elaine of Kalilily elaine@kalilily.net 28 Aug 2007

Spinning seems to happen lately when I'm watching TV, and my knitting has been boosted a lot by having a regular knitting group. I have less free time now than 2 years ago when I e awasn't being very creative, but now I have people to share my hobby with, so I think that's the key.

When you make good your escape, pack a drop spindle when you go, and look for other people doing crafty things along the way for inspiration. :-)

ARJ roceal@jngm.net 28 Aug 2007