2007-09-07: Pretty in Pink

And I don't even particularly like pink!

Nothing against pink, but really, it's no green. However, I can't help admiring glove #1 with its soft pinks, peaches, warm lavender, and deeper rose. I caught it in an afternoon sun break and it's turned out pretty sweet:

Handpun merino fingerless glove
Handspun merino fingerless glove Handspun merino fingerless glove Handspun merino fingerless gloves

Tomorrow I have a long trip up to the mountains, where I am gate crashing another knitting group's trip to Belgrave Park Alpacas. Awesome! Lara said to bring some alpaca treats, so I'll pack some apple & carrot. The long train trip & car ride should give me heaps of time to get cracking on glove #2, so I should finish before the birthday deadline. I just hope they are appreciated by their intended recipient!

As you can see, I chose the top stitch pattern from my initial swatch. It's called broderie anglaise, and it's a slipped stitch pattern from one of my favourite knitting resources: 400 Knitting Stitches from Murdoch Books. I was curious about the name, so looked up the term in Wikipedia and found an interesting article. Apparently this knitting stitch is intended to mimick a popular whitework needlework technique from the 19th century. As a knitting stitch pattern, it's very simple to both remember and execute, and it looks very nice when executed in an even, lightweight yarn.

Also, a bit more about the yarn. It's spun from some tops that I purchased from the folks at Unique Stitching. You can see their wool & silk tops here; they have some wonderful colourways.

They look lovely!

Bex p_o_flesh@yahoo.com.au 11 Sep 2007

You're too kind Bex!

ARJ roceal@jngm.net 17 Sep 2007