2007-10-24: Gone but not forgotten: Alpaca Day

Back in September I went to an alpaca farm. Here's my much-delayed blog post on that.

The alarm went off at 6:30 am. Normally on a weekend, the alarm goes off around 8 or 9 (depending on how early I went to bed), and on a week day, it goes off at 7. Average time for me to get out of bed for work: half an hour. Amount of time it took me to get out of bed at the crack of dawn for alpacas: 8 minutes.

I jumped on the train to Central, drinking a very rancid burnt flat white (note to self: stop buying coffee at the kiosk at Central). I claimed my seat on a near-empty train to Penrith, and cast on pretty pretty pink fingerless mitt #2. By the time I changed to a bus at Penrith I was already past the cuff and on my way to Wentworth Falls (yay for track work), where upon arriving I gratefully squeezed into David's car to get out of the freezing cold rain.

We drove over the mountain into Hartley and had a pleasant, if cold, afternoon at Belgrave Park, listening to guinea fowl and currawongs in between showers of rain. We sat on the porch of the shop and knitted, chatted, and ate the afternoon away, watching very pregnant alpacas stroll by at feeding time.

Belgrave Park Alpacas - Shop The girls hanging out with the boys Noisy fowl

I bought two nice fleeces which I'll photo later when I get a chance. They are two different shades of grey and soft, soft, soft.

After our business at the alpaca farm concluded, we made our way into Katoomba and had hot chocolates at Blue Mountains Chocolate. Yuuummmm.