2007-10-24: A Dearth of Blogging

Overwhelmed by all the things I've been meaning to post about but haven't had a scant second in which to do so.

Well, golly gee. Has it really been over a month? Work and social commitments have had me rushing around like a headless chicken lately. No time to sit back, crack my knuckles, and type out things of interest to no one (probably) other than myself.

I also feel like I've had a bit of a knitting frenzy. In record time (for me, as I'm usually a fairly laid back knitter) I completed the handspun mitts (about which it pleases me to no end that I am racking up favourites in Ravelry for them), my second pair of Tofutsies socks (of which I will need to take a finished photo), and a little bunny hat for Lara's impending spawn (of which I gave to her before taking a photo-- doh!). Then, last week, I got a cute little iPod Nano and decided I must have my own armband style iPod holder, which is now 90% of the way done.

In the middle of all that, I stupidly joined a tea cosy swap and now am stupidly considering spinning yarn for a tea cosy (no! don't go into the basement alone!), instigated a dyeing day with this bloke (insert mad scientist laugh here), and decided I needed to start making some baby knits for my cousin, who is due in December (but not for my birthday). This weekend I finally broke out the Isis fleece and spun just enough to decide that I really could use a drum carder to card all that fleece. Oh, and Christmas is coming up soon too. I might just get gift certificates for everyone this year.

Now I just have to stop being lazy and recharge my camera battery so I can take photos of things...

Parenthetically yours,