2007-10-28: Hot Swap

Info for my Tea Cosy Swap Partner

Dear Swap Buddy,

Firstly, thanks for joining in & checking me out. I'm sure sure whatever you send in the way of tea cosy and kitchen related items will be just peachy keen.

Here is a picture of my coffee plunger, which will be your target object to make cosy.

Tea Cosy Swap - Coffee Plunger

It is next to an empty Illy coffee can. I used to collect these from my last job, after they were emptied into the espresso machine, and use them for canisters of rice and lentils, and also for my monitor stand! I doubt that will win the "most interesting measurement object" contest, but I thought it was at least in keeping with a certain theme.

Also, just in case you didn't see them, because I stupidly forgot to post my swap answers to the actual forum before it closed:

  1. Do you have a teapot or coffee plunger? Would you like a cosy for it? If so, please tell us the dimensions of your pot.

    I have a coffee plunger that I wouldn't mind having a cosy for. It is 15.5cm tall, 30.5cm circumference. The handle goes from about 2cm from the bottom to about 12 cm from the bottom.

    My little Japanese teapot is way too pretty to be hidden under a cosy!

  2. Other than a cosy, what other knitted/crocheted kitchen items would you like?

    An extra oven mitt would be good. Wash rags, napkins & tea towels would also be good.

  3. Theme/Style: Do you celebrate Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/whatever? Would you like your pal to knit you something in that theme?

    I'm not hugely into themes. A FSM would be funny though, especially for a kitchen thing.

  4. What colour is your kitchen? Do you like tacky kitsch, classic styles, or something more modern?

    It is bland apartment coloured. I like blues & greens, neutral things, earth tones. I like kitsch, but my partner would have an aneurism, so something clean & modern would be good. Not too "homey" or "country", thanks.

  5. What is your favourite blend of tea (or coffee)? Are you a sophisticated Earl Grey drinker, a hippy-dippy Chai lover, or a no-nonsense espresso addict?

    I have an overflow of coffee, so none of that. I like just about any tea at all. Organic would be preferred. Authentic Japanese green tea would be awesome, if that's not too presumptuous. But I drink black tea, herbal tea, anything.

  6. What's your favourite type of bikkie?

    Hmm... chocolate digestives are always good. I don't honestly think I could turn down any bikkie though.

  7. Any weird food allergies or preferences your pal should know about?


  8. Any weird fiber allergies or preferences your pal should know about?

    Nothing here either. I don't think I'm really allergic to anything at all.

  9. What city/state do you live in?

    Erskineville, Sydney, NSW

Any other questions?

Sincerely, Your swap recipient, Andrea Roceal