2007-10-29: Project Idea

A bit of inspiration for something to do... when I finish all those other things I'm already committed to.

Handspun Handknit iPod Cosy
So I was listening to The Changeling at work, on my cool new iPod Nano, nestled in its cool new iPod cosy that I made out of handspun. Her latest show looked at knitting and embroidery patterns based on fairy tales, which perked up my interest, because I'm a huge fan of fairy tales, especially the darker side of old stories and legends.

A few years ago when I focused more on writing as a creative outlet, I made up a writing assignment for myself to write a series of poems based on myths and fairy tales. Some of those ended up in part of a poetry collection I put together that I titled I Forgot to Show You the Tulips.

Inspired by The Changeling, I have a new idea: to learn more about knitting by designing five items, each one based on one of those first five poems. It can be a garment, a toy, something decorative or functional. I will plan, design, and create each one and share the creative process and the resulting pattern on my blog.

Seeing as how many knitting obligations I have in the upcoming months, I'll tentatively plan to start in January. Here's hoping I remember the idea by then!

sorry random question time... I just saw the beautiful hat (bunny ears) you knitted for Lara/Disco Knitter and I was wondering if you could let me know the pattern name or number or link to it? thanks from Mikala

Mikala Whitteker mikibiki_nz@hotmail.com 02 Nov 2007

Random is cool! The pattern is a freely available one from Simpatico Yarns:


The pattern info is also in my project notebook if you're on Ravlery (my Ravelry username is Roceal).

ARJ roceal@jngm.net 04 Nov 2007