2007-11-04: Knitting Update

What I am doing with yarn

My cousin Angela, who in terms of time spent together is one of my closest cousins and is closest to me in age, is facing impending motherhood! Colour me astonished. In some ways Angela will be permanently imprinted in my mind as a tall, gangly 12 year old, walking with me down to Ventura beach from her house and giggling about anything and everything.

So I cast on a Baby Pea Pod for her little boy, who should be arriving in December, just before my birthday!

Here's what we have so far:

Baby Pea Pod Baby Pea Pod

I've also found out that my cousin Sara is expecting too! My, what a fecund family have I. As soon as I wrap up the Pea Pod, I will need to pick something out to knit up for her, too.

My October TOFUtsies sock club package arrived not too long ago as well, and I've got an inch or so on the cuff of the first sock. I really like the green & black yarn this time, but am slightly less excited about the pattern. It's got too many similar types of stitches as the last sock pattern for me and I was hoping for something totally new. Still, I've managed to keep up with the one pair of socks every two months deadline, so that's been really gratifying. Here's hoping I can get over any minor disappointments with the pattern (which is actually very attractive, just not technically challenging for me) and blast through sock pair #3.

TOFUtsies Sock Club October