2007-11-06: Dear Santa

Just in case any elves or relatives or whatever are reading...

I have been a really good girl this year, Santa. OK, my income tax return is late, but otherwise I've voted, kept up on my student loans, and got a promotion at work. I also buy The Big Issue regularly and sometimes I give my travel pass to people in the queue to buy a train ticket when I don't need it anymore. And of course, I have spent a lot of time making beautiful handmade gifts for people. I bet you could use a good pair of handspun mittens up there in the cold North Pole (hint, hint).

So, Santa, I bet you're wondering what your elves can make me and hide in my stocking this upcoming hot Christmas morning with the surreal fake snow and pine branches in the mall.

Well, have I got a list for you. It's even properly formatted in a structural HTML list.

I'll put the warm mittens out with the milk & cookies.