2007-12-30: Holiday Catch-up

Cool holiday gifts, project progress.

So it's been a crazy month and a half for me. Overwork preparing for the holidays, the mad dash to buy last-minute gifts, and the whirl of pre-Christmas and post-Christmas parties. During all that time I did manage to do a fair bit of knitting, I just didn't have any time (or coherence) to blog about it.

Firstly, I finished off my tea cosy for the Ravelry tea cosy swap, and it was amazingly well-received. Here's the package I sent off in early December.

Tea Cosy Swap

If that yarn is looking familiar, it should! It's the handspun I made from the fleece dyed with gum leaves! That was the first thing I made with that yarn. It turned out very soft & fluffy, and aparently is a great cosy. The two mug coasters were made from some Pachuko cotton yarn I got from Ecoyarns.

Christmas came along, and I got some cool fibre-y (and excellent non-fibre-y stuff not pictured here) presents from a certain northern US state:

New Niddy Noddy Great soaps! Funny Horn
  • A new niddy noddy
  • Some cool & nice-smelling sheep's milk soaps!
  • Some very pretty icelandic fleece!

Thanks, Santa!

I also made this beanie out of handspun for Mr Wiggins, as he will be needing it for our upcoming mysterious adventure. More to come on that later.

Handspun Beanie

I've still been chipping away at the Baby Pea Pod for Radley (my cousin Angela's new baby) who was just born a few days ago. Congrats Angela & Mike, and welcome to the world little Radley!

Baby Pea Pod Progress

And I'm almost finished with my first October TOFUtsies sock club sock— I'm woefully behind on these, and I've got my lovely December yarn & pattern waiting impatiently in the wings!

Sock Progress

I will be offline for the next few days, so happy new year to everyone!