2008-01-27: Knitwear at Sea

Sailors and handknits have had a long, happy history together.

What have I been up to? Well, not just knitting. But before I explain further, check out some of my handknits in action, out in the field!

Together at sea

Mr Wiggins looks slighly dishevelled but still handsome in his smashing handspun, handknit beanie.

All Rugged Up

Is this a Jayne Hat I see before me?

If you're curious to find out what I was doing on a sailboat in a Jayne Hat, follow the albatross to my other blog to find out more. Now, back to your regularly scheduled fibre arts.


Hello! Remember me?? Loads to say, questions to ask.. things to gossip about. Love your site. Get in touch!

Helen xx

Helen Whomsley turquoise1978@yahoo.co.uk 28 Jan 2008

How could I forget my favourite exchange student flat mate!! If I could crash tackle hug you virtually I would!! Will email you soon! Maybe with less exclamation points.


ARJ roceal@jngm.net 28 Jan 2008