2008-02-05: Certifiable

Back at the pub, then at the opera, then going crazy with spinning

It was with great relief that I finally made time and had time to go back to the Courthouse for some pub knitting a few weekends ago. I can knit alone, but I would much rather be gossipping with people at the same time— much more entertaining, even if you do drop stitches more often.

And I almost have completed my October sock club socks, as you can see here. I diverged slightly from the pattern, which calls for cables along the top of the foot instead of the continued slip stitch pattern.

Pub knitting progress

After the October socks, I have both December and now February to catch up on. I might get serious and do two at a time. The next two are slated for other people, so perhaps that will help motivate me too!

Last weekend I was part of the gang at Opera in the Domain. I was a doof and didn't take any photos while I was there, but you can have a look at The Other Andrew's photos, which are much better than mine would have been, hypothetically speaking, anyway.

However, I do have a photo of the handspun I finished while we were all chillin' early on, camping out to save the best view.

Spindle spun optim

Ironically, I was working on this yarn at last year's Opera in the Domain as well. Yes, it has been that long since I picked up my spindle. Poor spindle.

The optim is nice and squooshy, and I'm not sure what I will do with such a small sample yet, but given the number of spawn babies appearing lately I'm sure it will make an interesting baby-sized thing.

After the afternoon at the Domain and watching La Boheme, on Sunday I went to the Guild for an informational meeting on completing a certificate for competency in handspinning. You can purchase a booklet from the Guild which provides a course for independent study. If you are a member of the Guild, you can register for the certificate and have three years to complete the work outlined in the course. You can then apply to be assessed in order to receive your certificate.

The course includes both research and numerous handspun samples. I'm really excited about the challenge! My first step will be to review the information in the booklet and decide what time I can devote to it and when I can make room in my overly hectic life to register. I can't divulge the contents of the booklet without permission to reprint from the Guild, but I will be posting up my research notes and the results of my handspun experiments here.