2008-03-16: Babies Galore

I only do baby clothes lately, it seems.

So I just finished this.

Teal Baby Pea Pod

The buttons are cute little wooden Babar the Elephant buttons that I got from All Buttons Great and Small, seconded strongly by Mr Wiggins. I could probably spend an hour in there.

Button Detail

And then I did these.

Gus' Bootees

As quick as they were, I still had about a hundred false starts with them. However, I was well pleased with them for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I worked out how to do them in the round without any seaming (yay!). Secondly, I managed to spin the yarn fairly close to the gauge required by the pattern (I was a little off, but not bad for a first deliberate attempt!). The buttons I found with much help from Lara (after a few false starts there as well— I liked her first choice of pink rhinestone buttons, but didn't think they'd work well for a little one destined to be called "Gus") at the button shop in the Rocks.

Maybe if I have time I'll also do a handspun Tomten as well.

Here are some baby cotton plants, rapidly growing in the unseasonably warm autumn we are having. I think I will have to upscale their accommodation soon. Larger pots have been procured, so a transplant attempt will probably go through over the upcoming long weekend.

Happy Pima

These babies have nothing to do with babies. I'm just enjoying the prettiness and variation of these Winterberry socks that I got from the TOFUtsies Sock Club.

Winterberry Sock Club Socks

I also recently spoiled myself with a Rowan knitting magazine, so now that the spawn knitting is almost complete, time for some pretty, grown up stuff for me, me, me (I think I've earned a tiny bit of selfishness).

I'm sure the pink sparkly ones would have worked, but the ones you chose are lovely ;)

Lara rhubarbandcustard@mac.com 26 Mar 2008