2008-05-12: Mother's Day Scarf

Happy Mother's Day to my great mother

My brain makes a noise right now and it is something like: Blshghrhrhrggghgghuuugh. I'm at the difficult end of a difficult project at work, and work/life balance has gone completely out the window. My kitchen has been feral, my clean underpants nonexistent, and dust bunnies have taken over large swathes of my apartment.

But I did find a coping mechanism, and that was to work on this:

Handspun silk singles

Which soon very quickly turned in to this, which is good, because I had planned it as a gift for my mom:

Handspun silk Petit Clapotis

It is a scarf version of the Clapotis pattern by Kate Gilbert, available for free at Knitty. Here's a close up:

Handspun silk scarf detail

After a couple of false starts it was a really breezy pattern; so much so that I had it memorised about 1/4 of the way through and was knitting away in line for the Neil Gaiman signing at Kinokuniya. Since we had lots of time (we were nearly last in line & there were hundreds of people present) I got most of the second half done in one day, and two Kinokuniya employees came over to have a look & we talked fibre geek speak for a while (hope I do run into them again at a Stitch n Bitch someday!).

I've already shown the photos to Mom, who was very appreciative & is keen to see it in person when I bring it on my next US trip in July. I just blocked it over the weekend and it looks extra nice with clean crisp edges and corners.


Lara rhubarbandcustard@mac.com 18 May 2008

Hi Andrea,

I know it's been a long time coming but I actually have your pay it forward gift ready to go....I really enjoyed making it for you even though I am such a slow knitter! Anyway...unfortunately my computer crashed with all my info on it including your address. Would you mind emailing me your postal address again. Thanks so much...Cath

Cath ciyoung@optusnet.com.au 23 Jul 2008

That is stunning, Andrea! Did you spin the fibre yourself?! Oh, man... teach me, teach me!


Jenny jen_murko@hotmail.com 14 Sep 2008