2010-03-20: Fierce Competition

In which I take it up a notch

Maybe it's just me, but I suspect even the most casual hobbyist at some point likes to pit their skills against another, just to see how they stack up against someone else. Human nature, I think, and definitely Andrea nature. When I was a child my parents enforced a no-scoring rule for most games because I'd get so agitated when I wasn't winning. I'm glad they found a good way to help train me out of my competitive nature at such a young age, but it still sneaks out from time to time.

Moebius scarf - stitch and yarn detail

This time it was to get a gauge of where my handspinning and knitting had evolved to. I intended to try my hand at the Arts Competition for the Sydney Royal Easter Show (if you are from the US, think County Fair&mdash it's the closest analogue).

I'd actually been meaning to enter for a while, but the deadline for entering would always slip past me or I had some excuse not to do it (like the wrong number of pattern repeats in a sock). This year I went crazy and entered in two items, just to sort of create that useful sense of panic that would goad me into action.

How you wear the Moebius scarf

I finished the smallest and simplest entry (the second idea hasn't make it off the spinning wheel yet, but will be finished eventually), which was to spin some lace-weight yarn and knit it into an article of clothing. I made a small Moebius strip of lace to be worn around the neck as a scarf.

When I delivered my entry in person to the Olympic Park showgrounds earlier today, I had to bring my entry over to a labeled area on a folding table and put it with the other entries in my particular category of the competition. I didn't see much and I didn't look closely, but there were already plenty of beautiful handspun lacey shawl things sitting folded on the table that put my little teeny scarf to shame, even if it was a Moebius strip.

But here are a few reasons why I'm still proud of my effort, despite having seen plenty of other knitting efforts on other blogs that just blow me away:

  • I started in December and I made the deadline
  • Even though I was not only knitting something, but making the yarn as well!
  • I achieved a decent, well planned handspun yarn with a clear idea in mind (and thanks to some lovely tops provided by Wooldancer)
  • I started with a known technique (Cat Bordhi's Moebius cast on), but other than that the pattern was completely my own made up thing
  • It is truly a one-of a kind thing, and something I will wear and enjoy even if I win the RAS Booby Prize (is there such a thing?)?
  • Most of all, I did it! I finished and entered, and I already feel more motivated to try something bigger and better for next year.
Cable & Lace Moebius Scarf


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