2010-06-20: A Little of Column A, a Little of Column B

Both handcrafts and food, in the very same blog post.


Brass & copper shawl pin

A real, big finished item. Check out Genevieve, made from soft squishy Cascade 220, which I am currently living in. I liked it so much, I splashed out on a really nifty shawl pin, handmade by celtsmith on Etsy.

Brass ring from celtsmith

It's a nicely made brass pin with copper embellishments, super-sturdy, and with a project name like "Genevieve," thematically suitable. Even better, he threw in a free ring for me! How's that for service? I'm not usually a big jewellery person, but this ring is light, simple, and pretty in a way that suits my personal aesthetic really well. Fancy cardi, fancy shawl pin, fancy ring— I'm feeling a bit princessy lately.

It's been chilly lately, and my Best Beloved has ended up with a sinus infection. I have been making lots of what I call "Hot Lemon Drink" which is created as follows:

Cut a lemon into thirds, and cut a thin slice off of one of the thirds. Squeeze the rest of the piece into a mug that has two generous teaspoons of honey. Add a couple of slivers of fresh ginger and the thin slice you cut off the lemon. Pour just-under-boiling water over that and steep for a few minutes, stirring to make sure all the honey is dissolved.

And just to play catch up, since I had the camera out anyway, here are a few other things I've made but haven't shown off yet.

Wool & Alpaca Scarf

First up is this scarf I made for Mr Wiggins, with some free alpaca/wool yarn his mum gave me when she was clearing out a few things in her house. The stitch pattern is a nice honeycomb pattern I found in an issue of Yarn Magazine, but I wanted it to look nice on both sides, so I knit it in the round. It's also extra warm that way.

Handspun sock, 1 of 2

Next up is a spontaneous sock I started making with the leftover handspun from my Easter Show project. It's really soft and nice, featuring a short row heel (which is the only type of heel I can do without written instructions) and a checkerboard style stitch pattern I made up off the top of my head. I just hope I remember how to make #2!

Little bird mittens

These mittens I've made as a present for a friend, and they are my first serious attempt at stranded colourwork. Quite possibly I raised the bar a bit too high by choosing a cotton yarn for them. They came out OK, but I'd love to try again with wool.

Handspun hemp & cotton t-shirt

My main current project is a new t-shirt. Remember the hemp and cotton from February last year? It's finally getting some attention. I doubt I have enough to finish the shirt, but I have plenty more fibre to card and spin up when I do run out of this skein. I started this on WWKIP, and it's being knit as a top-down raglan.

Does a hot lemon drink count as food? ;)

Love the knitting though, Genevieve is gorgeous, and so is your shawl pin.

Lara rhubarbandcustard@mac.com 20 Jun 2010

It's close enough, it gets ingested :-p

Andrea Roceal roceal@jngm.net 20 Jun 2010

Hi Thanks for that Andrea its great. Best wishes from Australia

celtsmith wpeter@tpg.com.au 21 Jun 2010