2013-06-01: A Cubba for a Bubba

First attempt at parental crafting.

So big life changes have come about this year, and I haven't been spending as much time on crafts as I'd have liked. But unlike previous times where I've just been busy with work or ordinary responsibilities, this time I have both an exciting and excellent excuse.

Baby Hat #1

Have a look at my latest project, yep, it's a baby hat (Cubba, by Woolly Wormhead). But the giant round thing it's sitting on is another project: my enormous abdomen, currently occupied by two new inhabitants. If all goes to plan, sometime around the end of August to the middle of September, two new future geeky crafty little people will have been introduced into the world.

It seems to be that time of life for most of my friends, too. In early April, one of my oldest friends had a daughter, so I made her a little care package.

Baby Care Package

The blanky is based loosely on this tutorial posted on the Purl Bee and has to be one of the easiest things I've ever made, despite the sewing. Given another friend just delivered her daughter last weekend and I know a few other people besides myself expecting new babies, I can see myself making more. Instead of merino, I used EcoOrganic cotton from Ecoyarns. The Cubba hat is also in the same yarn, and I've been enjoying the soft squishyness of it.

One other project I hope to post about soon over on the house blog is about the exciting next phase of our house renovation! Now that we are expecting 2 new family members all of a sudden, we are going to need way more room in our tiny Newtown semi, so we are working hard to plan out all the remaining changes to the house that we've been wanting to do since we bought it. But since we need some significant structural changes, we're now waiting on approval of our development application by the council. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly (and quickly).

In the meantime, I have more knitting to do.